Had a really good friend ask me a question last week, it was the second person to ask a very similar type question in a short time to do so. I have also been asked this several times over the years. I know there is a movie that just came out about it as well, which I did not see, but in all seriousness, what would you do and why:

Here are the questions:

1- “If you know for a fact (meaning not hearsay or rumor), that your friend’s spouse is unfaithful to him/her, do you tell him/her or not?”

2- “If you know for a fact (meaning not hearsay or rumor) that your friend is unfaithful to his/her spouse, do you tell the spouse or not?”

I gave similar advice in both situations, one of them listened to me, the other didn’t. I will post in the comments tomorrow the advice I typically give in these situations.

In your opinion, what is the best advice to give a friend who asks you this? (It’s opinion so there are no wrong answers here)