Just wanted to give you guys an update on the workshops. I am really amazed at the response its gotten, I have sold out workshops in London, and Miami. Its also looking like the Long Island, NY Workshop will sell out as well (its already half booked). The three day event in Tampa is looking to have a very strong turn out, both it and Nashville will likely be held at a hotel and we are in negotiations now to get a good group rate.

Once we hit 10 attendees for either of these 3 day workshops, I will be bringing in additional Professional Photographer Teachers, A good friend of mine, Ryan Thompson is a Nikon Pro, and shoots…get this….100-120 weddings a YEAR (wow!!) in Utah. I dont know how he does it. We are lucky to have him join up. I have several other good Pros who teach, and for every 10 attendees, I would like to bring one in. Its important that we keep the instructor to attendee ratios good. I definitely dont want this to be so big that there is no interaction. Every class at every workshop will emphasize learning new skills and direct access with the instructors. Not some room of 200 people and one instructor, Ive never been found of this. The more I think about it, the more I am ok doing workshops that only have a few people for this very reason.

Im not sure how many of you go to the forum. We have had several, several photographers there who were just starting, and over time they mature to a point when they are ready to do their own thing. Sometimes they leave and we don’t see them much anymore, its a little sad but on the other hand I am really happy for them. I know several are doing photography full time now, and this is extremely satisfying for me, to know I helped someone just a little bit, realize a better job and life for themselves. Its just a great, great feeling. This is one reason why I like working one-on-one with photographers, I know they are doing most of the work, but being able to help them, get them there faster, help them steer away from problems, etc….its awesome and deeply satisfying. This is what I have always wanted in my life…to affect the lives of others for good.

In just over 2 weeks, I will be getting on a plane headed to London. There is a second workshop there scheduled on the 25th. Also looking to head over to Paris for a day or two. I’m already thinking about HDR shots in London/Paris. I come back on the 27th and will start my three month road trip the following day. Dallas, Texas workshop is scheduled for June 1st- less than a month away.

So….now that most of the hard organization work is done (Maps, Dates, Schedules, Awesome Hosts), its time to start thinking about adding some fun stuff…yes, so much fun that the possibility of being able to do it all is slim…but what the heck…Im going to try anyway. 3 months should be enough time.

– One thing I would like to do, is just go nuts on Photography lessons. I want to add 50 New Free Photography Lessons all filmed on the trip. Hopefully, one in each state. Yes, you heard me right 50 new Free Photography Lessons.

– Im also opening up a contest which will have a link in the next Newsletter sent out this week. Im looking to give away 50 free shoots, one in each state. The idea is that you come up with a theme, either for yourself, or for your entire family. It can be a family hobby, sport or something you enjoy doing. The best themes for each state, as they fit into my traveling schedule will be given the opportunity.

These images will be included in a coffee table book / DVD I am planning for the trip called “The Great American Photo Safari”, which will detail the whole trip, stories, pictures of awesome landscape from all over the country, and then the 50 portraits which I will give away. Id like to include a little Bio about every person who wins, explains a little about them, who they are, what they do, to give a better glimpse of who Americans are and what we do.

I know this is ambitious and probably crazy, but that is what makes it so fun! (I also reserve the right to do any post trip work to complete it right!) Wow…just think of all the pictures Im going to be posting. Im going to be a photography blog clown for those 3 months. (dang, including all the 365s!) I hope you guys dont get photoed out.

If you are interested in registering to win a free shoot, make sure you are signed up for the newsletter which I will be sending out this week.