Im really quite blown away by the response Ive gotten by volunteers stepping up to host the workshops. I spent nearly all day yesterday emailing and speaking with potential hosts…ALL DAY. LOL Its so interesting to me how this is unfolding, Ive never done anything like it, but as I progress forward, the next few steps become more clear.

Today I will have to:

-1. Use my map and traveling distances to determine the calendar (exact dates of when the workshops will happen)
-2. Prepare host information packages
-3. Prepare registration forms
-4. Make some promotional/attendee items for the web and so attendees can read what its all about, as well as sign up.

In just a few days, we are approaching 20 workshops around the country, as well as a possible in England and Canada. I dont know if I would be able to handle more than 20 Workshops, but over a three or four month period, I think its pretty do-able.

Here are the locations where we have hosts and enough interest to run at least a One Day Workshop:

Confirmed Locations:

– London, England
– Alabama, Montgomery
– Pocatello, Idaho
– Tampa, Florida (possible 3 day event)
– Miami, Florida
– New York, New York
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– Akron, Ohio
– Nashville, Tennessee (3 Day Event)
– Shakopee, MInnesota
– Louisville, Ky
– Philadelphia, Pa
– Dallas, Texas
– Charleston, South Carolina
– Fresno, California
– Eugene, Oregon
– Detroit, MIchigan Area

Strong Possibles:
– Seattle, Washington
– Connecticut
– SLC, Utah

Im looking for a host in the following locations:

– Denver
– Kansas City
– And yes, Mesa Area, Arizona

But if these dont happen, I will be completely ok with it. I was emailing with one of the hosts, as well as speaking with a good friend about SF and LA, and SLC, in that they seem to be saturated with Photography Workshops, which may explain why there is so much interest in other parts of the country. I’m not looking to put on a super HUGE One Day workshop, in fact, if there are only 4-5 people there, I am completely content with this. It allows for much closer interaction with everyone and will allow me to get to know everyone better.

There seems to be an unusual amount of interest in the Nashville and Tampa workshops, which will probably both be 3 day events. I will also say, so far several of the hosts have come up with some really AWESOME ideas, and I am totally digging their input. I also have a set of personal goals for each workshop in that it absolutely, positively, must be worth each attendees time and effort to attend. This is extremely important to me and I can say with confidence that if you do attend, it will be!