So far I have had a tremendous response for the One Day workshop Hosts, 8 to be exact. I will be making a Workshop Page with a link on here for you to check back and see as it develops. This is what we have so far:

– Pocatello, Idaho
– Las Vegas, Nevada
– Miami, Florida
– Tampa, Florida
– New York, New York
– Minnesota, Shakopee
– Nashville, Tennessee
– England (yes, you read that right) –

-If you don’t see your area listed, and would be interested in being a host, (this means finding a few locations in your area to shoot, as well as an area for us to meet and do some Photoshop, etc, help organize and co-ordinate the event in your area- send me an email and we can start talking about when, where and how. We need 3 additional photographers in your area who are interested in order to make this happen, and the cost is $300 per person for the day. Even if you don’t know anyone else who may be interested, its ok…as far as I can tell, there will be others in your area who will become interested once we start setting it up. If we dont get the 3 other photographers, I may still come anyway and we will have our own mini-session. All I am saying is, if you offer to help me out, I will make this worth your while, but once we get a host in a certain area, we probably wont need a second in that area, so there is an advantage to volunteering early. 🙂

BTW- All hosts who volunteer to help out with a group of 4 or more will get 50% off the workshop fee, as well as a copy of either Michael Andrew Lollipops or Paintballer Pro. There will also be great discounts and incentives for ALL attendees- I promise it will be fun and absolutely worth it!

A One Day workshop will go something like this:
– Meet and greet, introductions
– 1-2 Indoor Class Lessons (TBD by host and first 3-4 attendees to sign up) (there are a range of topics and choices)

– Afternoon:
– Lunch
Shooting Sessions:
– Indoor Portrait Lighting Crash Course and /or
– Outdoor Shooting Session “Photography Judo” taught by Michael Andrew followed by Photoshop class.

– Discussion Dinner
– Night photography, Painting With Light, Speed Light Course or other any other course of choice

Of course this is just an example, and I can custom design it for any group.

-If you see your area and are interested in attending, we would love to have you, but there will be a limit on the number of people at the smaller workshops. If they grow to be more than 10 people, I will consider adding an extra day for that area, so the bigger the better 🙂

– The Nashville, Tennessee workshop shop will be 2-3 days and the last day will probably be the Wedding Photography Crash Course, which focuses on the business aspects of photography, why some make it, but most dont and how to succeed at being a wedding photographer. All those attending on that day will also automatically get a copy of the DVD once it is finished.

Thats it for now, more updates to come. Look for registration details and sign ups to become available this week. 🙂