Mark your Calendars- We have nearly all the dates determined- Still following up with a few hosts, but I will update here as I hear back from them:

London, England- (Tentative) Last part of May
Dallas, Texas- June 1st
Montgomery, Alabama- June 4th
Tampa, Florida (3 Day) June 9th-11th
Raleigh, NC – (June 18th)
Nashville, Tennessee (3 Day) June 23-25th
Philadelphia, Pa- June 29th
Long Island, NY- July 7th
Akron, Oh – July 14th
Michigan and South Western Ontario Area- July 16th
Louisville, Ky July 20th
Shakopee, Minnesota- July 23rd
Pocatello, Idaho- July 30th
SLC, Utah- August 4th
Seattle, Washington (Tentative-August 11)
Eugene Area (Dallas), Oregon- Aug 13th
Fresno, Ca- (August 20th)
Las Vegas- (August 25th (+26/27)
Mesa, Arizona- September 8th

I do have a few more slots open here and there, so if you see me around your area but not quite close enough, I could add another. I feel bad about Denver and Kansas City, but never heard from anyone in those areas, so there may not be enough interest there. I will be in Anchorage, Alaska around Aug 8th), and will also be going through Boise, Idaho at some point.

I would like to thank all the hosts for stepping up and offering to do this- 19 workshops scheduled in less than a week! WOW! Without the volunteer hosts it wouldnt be possible. There is so much more footwork to do now (setting up registration forms, etc), this is all Ive been working on for the past 3 days. 🙂 and I still have a 365 picture to take! LOL More to come!