Got back to Arizona this morning. Still very tired, but I feel like I am getting better from being sick.

One of the doctor groups in Haiti had their own photographer, Todd Bellot, who also had a 7D. We tried to get together each morning so I could give him some free photography lessons. One morning one of the 82nd Airbone patrols came over asking to speak with me. Todd grabbed these 2 shots, which Im really grateful for, because Im usually the one taking the pictures.

There have already been some wonderful developments with the 82nd since I left. Mathew and I were successful in finding them sources for Food, Water Purification, Tarps, Tents, and I finally got word tonight that we were indeed able to get them clothing for distribution as well. The clothing was the hardest to find, and we worked with another smaller volunteer group called Sow A Seed, who helps ~9 orphanages in PAP on a long term basis. Long story short, we asked them to help us find a clothing source in country and if they could find it, we would help them finance the purchase of it for distribution. I also asked Sow a Seed to assume my role in working with the 82nd, and help find them a long term solution for the orphanages on our list. Not only have distributions been happening this week, Mathieu and I learned as we were leaving on Wednesday that our list had finally got the attention of UNICEF, to whom we delivered the list. This was always the original goal, to gather data on the orphanages and get the information into the hands of a group who could help them long term.

While it will take some time for UNICEF to go over the list, it appears that the long term solutions are finally coming into play. When the 82nd leaves, the orphanages should be in good hands. This is one of the clothing bales we were able to aquire in co-ordination with Sow A Seed. 🙂 We are aiming to clothe 330 orphans!