This was sent in by my friend Ken Murphy who won the abstract picture contest. Check it out….Its a new multimedia storage device- It allows you to view and download your images for backup while on a shoot. While I personally dont use such a device, I know of several photographers who do. (For some reason I like the idea of keeping my cards safe inside the camera bodies until I get home).

Before you jump the gun and say, ya we’ve seen these in the Epson 5000, there are some very cool things the Wolverine ESP has that the Epson 5000 doesnt, like a built in radio for one, as well as a built in 7 in 1 card reader. It also has direct audio and video recording abilities (with the right hardware). The ESP comes in both 80 and 120 GB models (Epson tops out at 80). Granted the Wolverine is 3.6″ vs Epson’s 4″ screen, but the most amazing thing about the Wolverine is its price: $329!! Thats half the price of the Epson 5000!! WOW! Thanks for the info Ken!

For your reference, here is a picture of the Epson 5000:And here is a link for more info on the Wolverine ESP Multi Media Storage device:

Wolverine ESP