Hey everyone! Today was very BIG for me in a good way. We have been working on this one particular product for about 6-7 months now and finally have it to a point where I was constantly saying: “Wow….this could be huge.” (And realistically, it can also be a tremendous flop). I cannot really talk about what it is, how it works or what it does, but it has the potential to be pretty big.

I need some brainstorming help. We are about 1-2 months away from release, but I am not happy with the name. It’s too simple, plain and ordinary. I am looking for something completely unique and different and really need help with suggestions. If you can help me pick a name, and I end up using it (the chances of this are quite high at this point) I will send you $100 as payment in exchange for your intellectual contribution.

Here are some good examples of what I am looking for, they are names that when there originated meant nothing, but now are widely recognized:

– Twitter
– Yahoo
– Google
– Zanga
– Flickr

(You will notice that these are all 2 syllable words)

Please leave your email address with your suggestions (I cannot pay you if I cannot contact you). Make as many suggestions as you like. If we have several good names, we will have a vote off! Thanks for your help!