Just about every week I get an email from someone asking for a free DVD or a discount. I REALLY do understand being short on cash, trust me, most of my life has been on a very tight budget and in the beginning I sympathized with them. As many of you know, there are also a lot of people out there who steal my videos as well. Nearly all of these people reason that they are short on cash…right?

Let me ask you guys….a person goes out and spends $1200+ for camera gear, and now they cant afford a $35-45 DVD? If it really isn’t about being broke (which most of them claim they are) why would they do it then? I just have a really hard time believing that anyone who can spend that kind of money on a camera, would be as financially strapped as they claim….ya know?

My theory on this is that although they actually do have the money, they are just cheap. But even then…that doesnt make sense, because if they were cheap…wouldn’t they still be camera purchase adverse? Wouldn’t they buy a camera second hand before buying it new?

Lets assume its not being financially strapped or just cheap…what other reason could it be?