Since my competition has taken on themselves to create a long list of reasons they believe their app is better than mine (much of which wasn’t true anyway), I thought I would take this opportunity to list the advantages why Photographers Contract Maker is the better app:

1. Speed- Once you have your contact information on your phone, you are looking at about 10 seconds to get to the signing stage. No other model or release app is faster.

2. Customization features- Much more flexible system for customizations
A) 29 Placeholders which allow for total contract customization. As a Terry White reader points out, “PCM handles releases and is better for contracts, Easy Release seems more geared for Releases only”.
B) Every contract has an “Edit Draft” feature, which means you can tweak your individual contracts anyway you like, without changing templates.
C) Editing Tools- Super Fast and Easy to Duplicate and Edit a contract within the app.

3. Multiple Page Contracts- No other release making app can do more than one page, and most photographers know, you need more than one page for a good portrait contract.

4. Witness Image Placeholder- allows you to insert image for second client, extremely handy for couples contracts that do not require a witness. (Second Party Member becomes second Client)

5. Price- At $2.99, it is the most affordable. While I know $3 and $10 really aren’t much in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t it just make more sense to test Photographers Contract Maker first?

I also wanted to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive- Many of you have really helped spreading the word and I really appreciate it. I have some new great things coming that I am sure you guys will LOVE!