So here I am in San Diego….in a random hotel room, about to crash for the night. I am sure you are wondering why I am here, should have some fun images for tomorrow. I am VERY excited about it. Not a wedding, or portrait shoot, but VERY photography related. Ive been patiently waiting for this for a month.

On the way out, I had an interesting conversation with a beautiful young woman sitting next to me (BTW- this NEVER happens, it usually a really old man…almost always). She had been engaged for nearly two years and suddenly, after going on a trip and having some separation, realized she was no longer in love with her fiance’. She still found him to be very attractive and a wonderful, fascinating person- no chemistry.

How do people fall out of love? Maybe a better way of asking is,,,,What are the most important aspects to having a successful LONG LASTING relationship? I believe the two most important things are a deep sense of respect and trust for your partner, but would be interested in whatever anyone out there thinks.