Can someone help me make logical sense of something we are seeing repeatedly in the media? Im not getting it.

Im hoping some of you out there can help me understand something I find I am at a loss to make logical sense of:

If the Supreme Court has ruled that the Westboro Baptist Church has a first amendment right to make a mockery & disrespect of our fallen heroes as their bodies are returned to their families, why in the world is it ok for ANYONE to be criticized, fined, attacked, mocked, ridiculed for any of their beliefs or stating of opinion?

How is the punishment for stating personal opinion (as long as it is not threatening, or screaming “fire” in a movie theater etc) NOT discrimination of some kind?

I thought tolerance was about people agreeing to disagree and learning to live together despite differences of opinion, not punishing each other for a personal belief.

Am I wrong?

Why is it ok for one man to have a personal belief he or she chooses of their own free will, yet not ok for another?