A few weeks ago a little school girl came to my door and sold me a box of some generic brand White Chunk Macadamia Nut cookies, the frozen kind you cook. I bought some just to hep the girl out, and dont you know the cookies were MIND BLOWINGLY good. Like AMAZINGLY good.

I was craving some more a few days ago, cant find the little girl, so I went to the store to see what my options were. These were the only two I could find, so, I decided to try both. I do this a lot if I am looking for a new product, and if it’s reasonably priced, I just buy both and do a taste test.

The Pillsbury brand, in the blue bag, I thought appeared to be yummier, but just look at this picture below (same perspective sides) after they were cooked. Its a no brainer, the Toll House Cookies were almost as good as the cookies the little girl sold me. The Pillsbury ones were not very good at all. They dont even look like their picture! That little pillsbury clay man isnt so cute anymore. He looks more like a Decepticon…..I know why he is smiling like that…he is thinking: “Yeah buy these cookies, just buy them, even though they wont look or taste anything like this” Sneaky little clay man….

But ya…try the Toll House White Chunk Macadamia nut Cookies if you ever get the urge, they are yummy. Does anyone know of any other brands out there that are good? I really like these cookies…..