I had really high hopes for this movie….The first 10 minutes or so were great, I mean, it really brought me back to my childhood, I could feel it. I thought the Cinematography was wonderful, thought the kid did a great job acting.

Unfortunately, I was bored out of my mind watching after about 20 minutes. It felt like they took a 5 minute book and stretched it into an hour and a half movie. It seems like its a children’s movie, but I don’t think it is. I’m still confused at who the ideal audience for this movie is, was it kids, teens, or adults? I know the Wild Things are supposed to be emotions, but which were they? I feel bad because I want to support good movies and good film making, and I can tell a tremendous amount of time, thought and planning went into it, but I just wasn’t entertained with the story once the puppets came out, it was just random playing and fighting.

If someone can explain to me why this is an amazing movie, I would love to hear the explanation.

As much as it hates me to say this, I would say skip it.