As I mentioned in another post, I had a chance to shoot some film this week (in the weirdest of ways) and I really enjoyed your comments. It got me thinking, when did you finally break down and get your first digital?

For me it was 1999. I had been using Photoshop 5.0 for a year, but was scanning film to create digital copies. I had started a new company called Brag Tags (custom college logo dog tags) and needed to get some images to my web designer. So, I did some research and bought my first digital camera: a Nikon Cool Pix 950. At the time it was cutting edge technology at a whopping 2.1 Mega Pixels! (my iphone does this now) and cost a barely affordable $700!! The memory card was HUGE, 8MB, but I found a 32MB card on ebay. It wasnt the first digital camera I used, that would be one of those Sony Mavica’s, it shot directly to a 3.5″ floppy disk at about .2 MP. Jeeez….times have changed.

The weird thing is…I used that Coolpix right up until 2004, when one of my MBA buddys asked me to shoot some engagement shots for him. By then, it was barely holding together (literally with tape). My friend was so happy he offered me $500 to shoot his wedding and I put it towards my second digital camera, a Canon 10D, hence…the beginning. 🙂