We talked about doing this, so here goes:

Below are two pictures from a recent shoot. Besides resizing them, they are pretty much straight out of the camera. Browsers aside (which tend to also desaturate colors),

1. What do you see wrong with these images?
2. What would you do with them? (Would you abandon them (delete) or try to correct them in Photoshop? – If you think they are saveable, how would you correct them.

My “answers” are posted. (That’s the password btw) 🙂 Thank you to everyone who played. I think one of the biggest lessons here is how different everyone’s eye is. No one was wrong because these are all personal tastes. It goes to show that a photographer can be as creative with editing as they can be with the camera.

These are my thoughts:

On image 1- Initially this was a “throw away”, meaning I didn’t want to waste anytime on it. My main problem with it was her hair. It was just a little windy and the wind made her hair messed up. I also didn’t like the position of her left eye- to me it was compositionally weak. As noted, her head looks a little large, but I like this, it tends to make the model’s body appear thinner. In the past I would spend a serious amount of time trying to “save” it in photoshop by combing her hair. Now my strategy is to quickly decide if it can be saved quickly (yes, quickly on both) if not, get rid of it. This is why it is so important to constantly change the shot, pose, lighting, position- it gives you many more options to choose from.

The Solution: Crop to Compose – Crop that mess hair out, put the eye on a power point. Done!

Image 2 – What I didn’t like: More than anything, the lack of separation of Brittany’s shirt with her background- I couldn’t stand how her left sleeve was “blending in” and you couldn’t see where the background started. In fact, the whole background was faded. I thought we could do more with the pants and a little more contrast.

The Solution: Slight contrast bump, Burn the background (burn tool) , and lollipop the blue pants. Took about 20 seconds.

See final images below

Would you guys like to do more of these types of lessons?