So I was doing my laundry the other day and I realized I had accidentally washed (for an hour) my Prius Car Key Fob. These little guys are not cheap, $250 each. Not exactly in the mood to have it replaced. There is a little known trick that you can do to save wet electronic devices, and it has saved me many, many times. This technique has saved a camera and a very expensive cell phone (it was dropped by a friend into the ocean, totally underwater).

If your electronic device gets wet while the power is on, you can pretty much kiss it goodbye.
If your electronic device gets wet while the power is off, you may be in luck, as long as there is no water short circuiting the device.

The key…is patience and whatever you do- DO NOT TURN IT ON WHILE IT IS WET. This is the most common thing people do, they get it wet and turn it on to see if it still works, and this is where the damage usually happens because they are sending electricity through the device and shorting everything out.

Remove the batteries as soon as you can, and then open your device up as much as possible. Remove all the water and then give it a day or two to dry out more before trying to turn it on. If it is completely dry, and no short circuiting has occurred, it almost always works.

I did this with the Fob and its fine again- I just saved $250.