Ive thought about this for years and wanted to open it up for you guys to get your input.

I believe there are two major motivations for taking action,

1. Any type of Stress , it could be a some sort of hunger, pain, fear, anxiety, worry, etc. It can be good stress or bad stress.
2. The Pursuit of prospect , and I dont mean this to be greed, or pride only, it can be any goal not motivated by stress, and yes the pursuit of prospect can be motivated by stress, so in that sense it would be stress motivated, and not count. In this sense, it has to be PURE meaning stress is not involved in any way. Maybe you want to do something nice for someone, try to grow and become a better person, reach a goal etc.

When we are motivated by stress, motivation ends when stress ends, and it puts us into a vicious cycle of acting only when we are stressed, and the absence of stress becomes our primary focus. Stress is typically the indication of a problem, so we become perpetual problem solvers or fire putter outters. I really dont like this mode of thinking.

When we are motivated by the pursuit of prospect in the absence of stress, it can be never ending. I know this will sound crazy, but I often feel deep sense of inadequacy in achieving the goals I have for myself. Its not stress in the sense that its something I HAVE to do, but more discomfort because I havent achieved it yet.

In any event, I have a hard time feeling satisfied with myself. In a way, I like it and I dont think I would want to change it…but I mean….I have a really hard time appreciating the goals I do accomplish because as soon as they are done, I am moving on to the next project. How can I feel satisfied without becoming complacent?

In your opinion, what motivates you in a positive way?