I feel that I’ve been neglecting the quality of posts on the blog and some of my Maven responsibilities & wanted to give you guys a little explanation.

I’ve been working for the last few months on a HUGE project, one that I will be announcing sometime in the next week or two when the artwork is finished. I typically don’t like to talk about projects until they are finished, but because this one is so unique and unusual, I see no harm in announcing it and starting some of the marketing. It has been stopped and started several times since last summer, and now I am committed to it until it is done.

Never done anything like it, and have no idea how it will be received, but I love waking up each day and knowing that it is the most important thing I can be spending my time on right now. That feels really amazing. The process to do this thing is ridiculous. Its like crawling a few inches each day when there are miles to go. In the end- it will absolutely be worth it because I think there is a lot of good that will come from it.

Hoping to finish the first version before the Canon T3i comes out in the beginning of March (when production on the T3i Crash Course begins). As soon as that is finished, we will get back on the Lighting Crash Course DVD, shooting for a late Spring/Early Summer Release. Various App stuff (upgrades and new Apps) are also coming.

In any event, I am pretty happy I have at least posted something EVERY DAY for the last 3.5 years and I really appreciate your continued support.