I’ve been calling these types of cameras “Dura-Shock” for at least a year, and it turns out, the term doesn’t exist. Well, this is one way slang words come to be, enough people just start using it and it sticks.

There is a new breed of point and shoot cameras out, they are made to endure abuse. As far as I know, there is no definition of these types of cameras other than what the manufacturers assign them. For example, Olympus has a “Tough” line, but it doesn’t really explain this class of camera and a distinct name is needed because we are seeing more and more of these.To me a “Dura-Shock” Class Camera is:

– Extremely Durable (its made to be treated rough)
– Shock Proof (meaning it is designed to survive falls from several feet onto concrete).
– Water Proof
– Dust Proof
– Cold / Freeze Proof

I will probably continue to call them “Dura-Shock” cameras until I hear something better. Dura-Shock Cameras are also coming down in price. The Olympus Stylus you see here was $400 last year, you can get them now for about $300. I tested a great little Fuji for about $130. A steal of deal for a dura-shock. Ill be posting that video soon.