This is a picture of me filming a lesson on photography, not a great picture, but you can see the lighting setup I have for my lessons (Mostly a close key light and reflectors).

My weeks usually go something like this:

Saturday- Shoot the wedding, make and post slideshow as fast as possible.
Sunday- Try to relax . (Weddings can be totally exhausting work, it takes a day to recover).
Monday- Go through all images, begin to post to internet.
Tuesday- Finish posting images, select favorites for couple, print, prepare and send to couple so they will be waiting upon arrival from honeymoon.
Wednesday- Begin Album design (this takes a few hours each day)- Spend a few hours working on video projects.
Thursday- Video projects
Friday- Video projects / relax
Saturday- Repeat.

I am lucky enough to have my own video production studio so I can make my own instructional videos and work on the photography school. Not many of my clients know this, but I actually started as a videographer, and still own one of the most successful wedding videography companies in the state, (I just dont go to those shoots anymore unless I am doing the photography.)

Yeah, usually Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I am working my pet projects. Its a good change of pace and allows to me to learn and teach. These are my current projects:

1. Introduction to Digital Photography with the Canon 40 D DVD
2. The Michael Andrew Photography School (New lessons are almost finished)
3. The Clutter Book
4. And one huge secret project I will not talk about until it is finished. I am actually not programming that one, I;ve hired someone else to, but as soon as its finished I will let you all know.

I know a lot of people think I must have all this free time during the week, but to be honest, I wake up, work all day, usually until 11pm go workout and then try to sleep. Actually…the past week has been great, Ive been getting to sleep around 1am. Its a busy but good life. I feel very lucky to be able to do something I love so much.

PS- HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I decided to be a dashingly handsome wedding photographer. 🙂