What a great day yesterday to see two BYU legends Dustin Johnson & Chad Lewis. Two of my all time favorite BYU football players. Chad eventually went on to become allpro at tightend in the NFL, wrote an incredible book about his father nearly passing away called “Surround Yourself with Greatness”, a real eye opener, makes you think about how precious life is and the importance of making wise choices and choosing good friends, I highly recommend it. As a football player Chad would literally jump over defenders and had incredible hands. To think he started as a walkon is just crazy. He’s currently the Assistant Athletic director at BYU. Dustin’s nickname was “moose” after the famous fullback who played for Dallas. He could literally do it all, run, catch, greatpass blocking. Totally unselfish, yet would run people over every chance he could. He had a ton of great games & plays in 1996, but the 1997 game vs Utah State was straightup scary. He just took over and basically won the game for us. After we graduated Dustin & I started a business called Brag Tags making college logo dog tags, I learned many valuable business lessons from that. So honored to call these two my teammates and friends! #byufootball #dustinjohnson #chadlewis