So a few weeks ago I buy this very teeny tiny portable hard drive from western digital for my mac book. I was pretty excited about it because it is so small and has so much space for pictures, but especially because there is no power cable….it draws all its power from the USB 2.0 slot.

Oddly, I noticed that occasionally it would turn on and other times it wouldnt….very random. So I call their customer support and they tell me that the drive needs X amount of power and sometimes it cant get all that from one USB port., and they want to send me a Y USB Cord which allows me to plug it into 2 USB ports! YAY! Ridiculous….it totally changes the whole cool concept of the portable hard drive, not to mention my Mac Book Pro only has two USB ports and they are on the opposite side of the computer.

Stay away from this thing!

Can anyone recommend a good portable hard drive that actually works off one USB 2.0 cable?