I have been hearing some great things about Westcott lighting products. Personally I am not one to use or want a ton of studio lighting gear. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Alien Bees (I have two!) The problem with them is the are not readily portable. The soft boxes take some time to set up and can be a hassle if you are in a hurry. A good soft box will set up and take down very quickly. I have a circular softbox from Alien Bees and it takes a good 10 minutes to set up. Westcott was at Photoshop world and they looked very quick and easy to use.

A second thing I am intrigued with is their Constant Fluorescent Spider lights which can be used for both Video and Stills. The beauty of these guys is that they are COOL, (not the blazing burning hot of the Lowel Rifas).

I will be doing some test with their products shortly, and hope to include them on the photography lighting DVD.

Westcott Lighting Products