Wow…what an amazing time we had today on the first day of the Michael Andrew Nashville, Tennessee workshop! I have a good friend who lives in Nashville, Tenn- Leah who was just AWESOME. I had been flirting for a few weeks about possibly doing a mock bridal shoot and we had been trying to contact some venues in the area and learned last second (as of last Friday) they were all booked. I thought I would ask Leah for suggestions and long story short, she did ALL of the footwork involved- found the church, the dress, the bouquet, make-up and hair artist, etc.

How last minute was this? Most of the plans were finalized YESTERDAY. I had to make phone calls between flights from Vegas to Nashville, one with me whispering while we were taxi-ing on the tarmac as the plane was pulling away from the gate, just to finalize everything as Leah got all the info. Met with the church this morning to sign the contracts and pay them- right before the day started. I really love the last minute, spontaneous ideas. None of it would have happened without Leah and I am so incredibly thankful for her help. As you can see, she’s a great model too!

A great part of this…the cameras were rolling…ALL DAY! Many of you will be able to see this shoot on the Wedding Photography Crash Course DVD, we are hoping for a December release.

My favorite part of the whole day was near the end of the shoot. We collectively got this idea that every attendee should create their own unique bridal portrait shot and the rest of the group would help bring their creative idea to fruition. It was soooo much fun and I have to say this- the results, of every attendee was nothing less than ASTONISHING. Every one of their pictures was so incredibly good, it was magazine material. I hope I can post more here tomorrow (being that its almost 1am and I need to recharge) 🙂 I am still in awe of how awesome their pictures were, just in the 5-10 minutes each had to work with the group, take charge, tell us what they were thinking and then we all worked together as a team. Man….Im so excited its hard to explain. I love the workshops, to be able to see everyone learning and working together.

We are having a great time- more tomorrow! Wish you were here! 🙂