I have narrowed down all of the categories to 10 images (with the exception of the Landscapes, I am stuck right now at 27…this category is giving me fits). Im prepping the judges voting pages and we should have some finalists very shortly. I do not like selecting the semi-finalists because I usually narrow it down to about 30, and then have to start being EXTREMELY nit picky about everything. There were a few absolute stunning portraits that didnt make the final cut for very minor, minor reasons. It is painful for me to do this repeatedly, but someone has to. I also wish I could do an article or blog post on each and say what is good and what could be improved, but with nearly 2300 entries, this just isnt possible. A few people have started a thread in the forum about entries that werent nominated and I think it can be an extremely helpful learning tool: 2010 Photography Contest Rejects

In the mean time, if you have been a wedding photographer for more than a year, this should make you smile. Yes, I have had a few potential customers like this, and while I would never stick around to converse with them for long, it illustrates some important truths about the industry.