I have been hearing about Warren and Annabelle’s Magic show on Maui now for years, but never had the chance to go. Every review I have read gave it extremely high marks. I too am now very impressed.

Warren is the Magician and Annabelle is the resident ghost- she plays the piano as you are waiting to go into the show. The only criticism I have of was they have you check in long before the show actually starts, so we were waiting for about 45 minutes. If you are in a big group or like to drink, this would be fine.

Of all the things you can do on Maui this was one of the more interesting, because it is so different than everything else. It seems that every thing else is centered around Maui and it’s culture, such as a Luau, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, etc. Warren’s Magic Show would be successful wherever it plays- If you want to go book in advance because his shows are nearly all sold out a week in advance.

It is also a fantastic evening event, where as most of the whole island shuts down after dark, leaving you with mostly Luau’s or the movies if you are looking to do something fun.

Warren is a slight-of-hand magician, which means all of the magic he does is based around physical manipulation of cards, coins or items donated from the audience. The part that was really amazing was that he invited attendees to record it with video or still photography if they chose. You know you have to be good when you can have the whole audience record with their cell phones.

Warren is also as much (if not so more) of a comedian as he is a magician. He has an extremely quick wit, and you can bet you will spend most of the 2 hours laughing. There were several points that I was laughing so hard I was crying.

There were several tricks I tried to video tape, but most of them were very long. This one wasn’t as spectacular as the others, but still very good. The 3 rings on the candle were collected from audience members. (Shot in 720 HD on my iPhone 4- converted in Premiere Pro CS5 and exported to Vimeo):

Warren and Annabelles Magic Show from MichaelTheMaven on Vimeo.

There were a few occasions that he would do an amazing trick, then tell you he was going to do it again and to watch more carefully to see if you could catch him, and he would do it, and you had absolutely no clue how he did it again. It was really amazing. I was most impressed with the bowling ball tricks.

If you are traveling to Maui, I would say this is one of the absolute “must see” shows on the island.

Warren and Annabelle’s Magic Show on Maui