Just wanted to give you guys a heads up as I probably wont be posting for a while. Ill be heading to Haiti via Santo Domingo this week, it will either be Monday or Tuesday. I know many of you are worried about me going over there, and I am aware of the warnings of going over, and I see this as a calculated risk. Please understand that my daily life situation is a little different than most. I can take time off…I can take weeks or months off my schedule if I need to and with that on my conscious and seeing whats happening, I don’t think I can live with myself without trying. If I get into Santo Domingo and there doesn’t seem to be a safe way to get over, that in and of itself would be valuable information. If I find a safe way to do it, and it turns out there is much greater need from non-technically skilled volunteers (which I believe we will learn to be the case in the next week), I’m hoping to lay some ground work on how to do it and get in there safely. I have enough food, water and supplies to last me a week and already have a few contacts on the ground. From what I am hearing, we could send several thousands of volunteers over and it wouldn’t be enough. Haiti will be rebuilding for years.

Another concern I have is that many of the governmental systems for delivering aid are turning into choke holds. Other routes for delivering aid have to be investigated and reported on. If its relatively safe and easy to get supplies into other airports and truck them in, you could only imagine how many private groups would jump on it….

Can you see where Im coming from?

If things get bad, Ill get the heck out of there. In any event, I will post when I can.