After about a year of watching their commercials, I finally decided to try Vitamin Water out. I wasnt really sure what all the hype was about, but I get it now. Gatorade, is more of a cell replenisher, it has Sodium, Potassium and other ions to help establish cellular tonicity, it also has sugars. I love Gatorade, but sometimes Im just not in the mood for a super sweet drink. Water on the other hand, is great most of the time, but I want something that has just a little taste, teeny, tiny bit. Vitamin Water is somewhere in between water and gatorade in sweetness, but it is also fortified with different vitamins and herbs depending on which flavor you buy.

I think they taste great, that said, buying them one at a time is EXPENSIVE. Im glad to see movie theaters are now carrying them, but they sell for $4. I just go to Sam’s Club, buy a case or two (which works out to $.50 each) and leave one in my car.

If you havent tried it yet, have a taste, you might like it.

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