Vincent has done it again. Get ready to have your socks blown off – Ive included links for both his smug mug video page as well as his write up on his blog. He shot this with the Canon 1D Mark IV, and get this….no artificial light was used (it was all ambient / available light) (!!)Vincent Laforet’s Nocturne on Smug Mug (in HD too!)

Vincent Laforet’s Blog Article about shooting “Nocturne” with the Canon 1D IVThis is Vincent and I at the Atlanta workshop a couple weeks ago- It was a great workshop and I feel so lucky I had the chance to go. I wonder if he will be doing any more. Vincent was very personable, and down to earth, and his blog is one of the very few that I regularly check because he is really on the cutting edge of making Canon’s SLR video cameras sing. Lots of great tips and insights if you are shooting video with an SLR.