From your side, I am sure it seems things have slowed down a little, from mine- I am as busy as I have ever been. Here is what I have been up to:

– The T1i Crash Course DVD should wrap up sometime this week, I only have a few lessons left and spend most of my time working on it. It should be available for purchase sometime by the end of October.
– Still have all the loose ends from the trip I need to finish, (mostly the remaining slideshows- they are coming- but first thing is 1st and the T1i DVD is several months behind schedule).
– A second DVD is also currently being edited by Adam (my editor in Alabama) which will be called “Advanced Shooting Techniques”. Its geared more towards Advanced and Expert Photographers who are looking to get the edge in certain complex situations. It should be about 2-3 hours of little tips and tricks I have and should be a really outstanding dvd.
– The Canon 7D is already popping up in stores (as well as Ebay). I’m certain Ill have one in my hands by the end of the week. The week after the T1i DVD wraps up, production will start on the Canon 7D DVD. I’m confident mine will be the 1st on the market.
– This weekend I am flying to Atlanta for a one-day workshop with Canon and Vincent Laforet for an advanced workshop on shooting HD video with the Canon 5DII and Canon 7D.
– Once the Canon 7D DVD finishes, there is a really good chance I will be immediately headed to Maui to start focusing full time on the Lighting Photography and Wedding Photography Crash Courses.
– Ill also be putting on a very limited number of One-on-One workshops about once a month while I am on Maui.
– Have about 30 new free videos coming to the school- most have already been shot.
– I also imagine the Canon 60D will be released in December, yet another DVD.
– Look for a Summer 2010 Workshop on Maui, space will be extremely limited, and it will probably be the only group workshop I will do in 2010.
– I need to take a few photo trips: Alaska, Boston, and Australia and Id like to do all before the end of the year.
– Still doing the 365 and considering ideas for a new 365 next year.
– I have a book and audio book I would like to finally get around to publishing. Its already written.

So I have all this work on my plate, but I find myself staying very focused.I dont worry so much about everything all at once, just one project at a time, one lesson at a time. If I worked on everything, I would never finish. Right now all that exists is the T1i DVD. I feel that the road trip has really helped me to stay focused and work more efficiently than I have in the past.

Probably wont be shooting any weddings any time soon, but would like to do a couple for the Wedding Photography Crash Course.