This week I have been putting a possible second assistant through some tests and there have been some learning curves for both of us, him in terms of how I like to do things, me in terms of trusting and explaining everything I need him to do. I have some very high hopes for him and should know by the end of next week if its going to pan out, I hope it does. Having Adam, plus a second assistant will give me some tremendous firepower to focus more on the actual content production and less on administrative and paperwork. As a blog reader, you should see a noticeable amount of new output, especially mid-July.

– We have 6 new Youtube videos coming very, very soon. If things work out with the second Assistant, this will be a more consistent thing. I’ve been wanting to add and update new free videos on Youtube as well as the school for years. (We have several new gear tests and lens reviews coming in the next few weeks).
– We have updated nearly all the Apps with new features, expect to see them in the iTunes Store sometime next week.
– There is also a new App posting in a few days, don’t get too excited- it’s more of a marketing tool than anything, you will understand when I announce it.
– We are in the final stages of testing the Android version of Contract Maker Pro. I expect this to take another 2-3 weeks. It’s done now, but we have to iron out the wrinkles. I will be honest and say I do not have very high hopes for it having dealt with all the Android headaches.
– I should be finishing the 2nd draft of my book Friday or Saturday. I should be able to read through it one last time before sending it to some test readers and an editor before preparing it for publication, which I plan to do myself. The plan is to start with the electronic versions (iBooks, Kindle, etc) and see how it does. If there is enough interest, I will print up a limited edition and we will go from there.) Will be very excited to have it finished- it is quite the ride and I feel I’ve done a much better job of bringing you with me to Haiti and showing you what we saw, learned and felt.

I have several more things in the works and to be honest with you, I think the thing I am most excited about is having some good help! I feel like my drive to get things done sometimes makes me a prisoner, like I am trapped in my own mind because all I can think about sometimes is everything I need to do! Its both rewarding when I finish certain things, but also a pain because it never ends.

Knowing I will have some help will take a lot of stress off my shoulders.