“Why aren’t you making a Variable Neutral Density Filter (VND)?” Is one of the most common questions I get about my new filter line. This is the video I wanted to make to explain it my reasoning to focus on solid NDs first. I have owned and used VNDs for many years, but I stopped using them back in 2014 after I did a side by side shoot with a buddy who was using a solid ND, and the reason: VNDs create unpredictable color shifts for reasons as simple as connecting them to your camera, or when you are changing the degree of filtration. I wouldn’t be opposed to making VNDs in the future either as I know there are many, many users out there who love them, I just want to make sure my customers understand their strengths and weaknesses before purchasing them, vs not telling them and letting them discover this on their own.

I realize many of you will be irritated with me for pointing these issues out. If you are ok with color shifts in your footage, then yes, by all means use them. Some of you are also ok with shooting on AWB and letting the camera adjust this automatically as you adjust filtration. I get it. I personally like to have consistent, reliable color, and make my tweaks to exposure by other means (like ISO, or aperture for example).

If you are in the market for a great set of solid NDs, be sure to check out my MAVEN Magnetic filter line now on Kickstarter!

MAVEN Color Coded Magnetic Photography & Videography Filters

Chapter Markers:

00:00 – Intro
00:28 – No Filter
02:02 – Circular Polarizer (CPL)
04:36 – Variable ND Filter (VND)
08:31 – Solid ND Filter

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