Tiger Shark owners add music to their own slideshows at their own risk. We strongly recommend only using properly licensed music or royalty free music. Using popular music without consent or licensing from content owners is illegal and Tiger Shark users who do so, are subject to fines and in some cases imprisonment. It’s not worth it to take that risk.

There are a number of fantastic websites out there that will allow you to add GREAT music to your slideshows for a minimal fee (and in some cases, no fee at all!)

Songfreedom.com is probably one of the best out there, simply because it allows you to license popular music for your slideshows. Having been in the wedding industry for so long and not having easy access to this type of licensing makes me really appreciate what Songfreedom is doing and I strongly recommend them. Not only is their song database growing they already have many of the most popular wedding songs out there. (Etta James “At Last” For Example). Be sure to check them out.

Premiumbeat.com – Also a great website, where you can purchase quality music with a variety of moods, I use them for a lot of my Youtube videos.

Ill be adding more Royalty Free Music websites and suggestions soon. If you have any you like or could recommend, please post in the comments below!