Jordan Peele’s Get Out in 2018 really launched him onto the movie scene. Super talented and creative. It was a wonderful horror film while also directly exploring sensitive racial aspects of our society. It was just so well done. I had very high hopes for “Us”Interesting premise, but there were few major flaws with it:

1. It was trying to do too much. It felt like Peele was trying so hard to deliver on symbolic messages to “us” about “ourselves”, and much of this was still unclear what these lessons were when watching. You go into the film expecting a horror flick, but thats not really what it was. I think it might actually be more enjoyable if you watch it from the perspective of “nothing in this movie is reality, rather symbolic only”.

2. It was dreadfully slow. He even had one of the characters say “We want to take our time”. This is a 20 minute idea stretched out to 2 hour film. Difficult to suspend disbelief, and there is a lot of weird, unexplained “rules” of this universe that not only dont make any sense, but I ran out of patience trying to decipher it all, because I didnt feel empathy for the characters.

I hate to say it, because I still believe Peele is one of the most talented writer/directors out there, but I cannot recommend it. This is a skip completely.