So in my every growing lists of stories of crappy customer service, I now share with you UPS My Choice. Please do not misunderstand, I love UPS, but this service is completely bogus:This service allows you certain additional options, one of which was very intriguing to me: “Confirmed Delivery Window”. The idea is basically you pay $8 extra to get the package delivered within a 2 hour window of your choosing. This was especially attractive to me because I usually get my packages at the end of the day, and if I am not around, they won’t leave the package. So of course I scheduled a deliver between 945am and 1145am, and made sure I would be physically present during that time. In the end, the delivery guy comes at around 630pm. I had been waiting all day so as to not miss this important package. When I ask where why he didn’t come during the “confirmed delivery window” he says “I don’t know anything about that, I just deliver the packages.”

Then a couple days later I noticed 2 charges of $8 on my bank statement. While this isn’t a lot of money, it is surely infuriating. Feels like a company is stealing from me.

Have you ever tried to contact UPS to dispute a charge? I was put on hold and transferred repeatedly, until I finally was able to get someone who could answer my questions. While he assured me the fees would be cancelled, he also mentioned that the “delivery confirmation window” was not guaranteed.

Im thinking…”are you kidding me? Why in the world would I sign up and pay for a delivery confirmation window that wasn’t guaranteed?!”

My hypothesis on this is that this Delivery Window option is just simply a way for UPS to collect more money “if” you package is delivered in the window you ask for.

While UPS is an American staple of package delivery, their “My Choice” service is definitely something you should skip.