Need to give you guys some updates on what is coming up. I’m a bit spread thin, but things should start settling down a little next week.

1. Yes, there will be a new 365 club for 2013 and the deadline start date for the group will be Jan 31st 2013. What is the 365 Club & what are the rules? To give you an idea, you can read about last years here: 365 Club Class of 2012. We have about 30 students finishing this year and it has been a phenomenal experience not only for the photographers themselves but for me as a mentor. We will be making some changes & rule adjustments:

A. Those who did not finish last year can pick up where they have left off.
B. More Flexibility of getting caught up if you are behind.
C. New Prizes for all of those who finish
D. New Website Launching in February specifically for the 365 students, as well as alumni from past groups. (I think you guys will be very impressed with this). This website is being built from the ground up to make it easier to show, share, follow and comment on each student’s posts.
E. Planned Meet Up (Yes, actually meeting in person) for a 2-3 day photo-shooting experience.
F. Better support & social tools.
G. I have a short documentary coming near the end of the month, where I interviewed about a dozen of those who are finishing.

If you are interested in starting now, my advice would be to go ahead and start (read the rules from last year carefully). Starting now would put you about a month ahead (huge advantage). We should have an official 365 2013 announcement & video probably sometime next week.

For the class of 2012: We will be sending out your awards, certificates & thumbdrives in the first week of February (we will do it altogether).

2. We are expecting the Canon 6D Crash Course Download to be available on or before Wednesday Jan 9 2013. Downloads should be ready that afternoon, and DVDs will ship about a month later. If you purchase the download, you can add a DVD for the cost of shipping and handling ($8.95) once the DVDs are in stock.

3. Photo Contest 2012- We should be posting the remaining 2 categories in the next couple days, all that remains is the Portrait and Landscape. We will then go to the finalist judging and expect to have all our winners selected by the end of Jan.