Although The Efficiency Playbook was the second book that I’ve published, the response has definitely been more positive. I’ve kept the kindle price at $3, and have had continued strong sales since the end of the promotion. It is also doing very well on Audible as an audiobook (surprisingly) and Ive had many people get back to me on it, saying they enjoyed it.

The best part of this book however, is hearing how readers are applying it to their lives. Today at crossfit, one of the members excitedly pulled me aside, wide-eyed and stopping what she was doing to say:

“I used your book today, chapter 5, and it worked GREAT!!”

That just makes me smile, and I have many of these little side conversations with those who have read it. It is very rewarding to me because I think some of the time people don’t understand what it is, but when they realize each of these tactics can be directly applied to their lives, it is powerful.

I still need to find new ways to promote it (suggestions are welcome), but for now the kindle version will stay at $2.99 for as long as possible, because it is inexpensive, easy and fast. Thank you guys so much for your feedback!