In light of the recent Canon and Nikon announcements, as well as another expected announcement from Canon next month, (Should be the Canon 70D, which will line up against Nikon’s D7100), I’ve been getting a lot of questions about all the cameras, how they compare, as well as which ones I will be working on for training videos.

The Nikon D7100 Crash Course Training Tutorial Video is now underway, and it is looking like the production schedule is as follows:

Nikon D5200 Crash Course (in Post production now)
– Nikon D7100 Crash Course(Now Shooting)
– Canon SL1 Crash Course
– Canon T5i Crash Course
– Canon 70D Crash Course (Depending on Release Date)
– Possible Nikon 910 Crash Course Speedlite Video
– Canon 7Dii Crash Course (again depending on release date, which I expect to be later at the end of the year)

What this basically means is that I will be up to my eyeballs in work for the next 2-3 months, but it will also let me get my hands on all these great cameras, test them out and find out how they perform and how they compare with each other. Once I know that, it should be easier for me to give better recommendations on them, but I can say this about the D7100, I am really liking the focusing systems so far- much improved over the D600.

I also have a number of Youtube videos coming, as well as a few websites and other projects, so yes I am going to be very, very busy the next couple of months.