Ok, maybe not too far under. I dove down to about 20 feet on this trip (I think my max is about 30 right now without scuba gear).

This is a set of images I took last Friday when I tested my SPL housing in the ocean. A good underwater housing really opens some creative doors. Just swimming around and doing test shots really got me thinking.

I Learned a few things:

1. Coral Reefs make incredible backdrops
2. Shooting with the sun overhead may be ok if your subjects are underwater.
3. Water clarity really, really helps.
4. Its cool to shoot half in, half out. Many Possibilities here.
5. Lighting seems to change and can be really spectacular.
6. Scuba Divers can make cool backgrounds.
7. The best part about the housing is having manual exposure controls. All my other waterproof cameras were automatics. This changes things dramatically.Most of these back spots are collector urchins and are still alive.This one in dead and its shell is in near perfect condition, no cracks or breaks. Gotta be careful though because the black spike-y one next to it is poisonous. Makes me feel like I am floating on an alien planet far far away….