I caught this at the Mesa AMC 24 last night, they had it something like 20 screens, and they were all packed. Get this 20+ minutes of previews…all boring. Thats right 20 MINUTES of previews….ugh. I haven’t read any of the books, so I have no clue as to what is supposed to happen. I liked the first one, and you know…I kinda liked this one too. Not really my type of movie, but it was pretty good….I mean…for a love story and all that. Type in “newmoon” for my analysis of this totally lopsided love triangle.

I didn’t want to give anything away, but DANG! Jacob gets totally WORKED!!! LOL Edward plays with Bella like a little toy, then crushes her with a face-to-face dumpage (to me it seemed like he was rubbing it in and he wanted to see it) – then throws her away, and puts her in great danger (almost kills her).

Jacob comes along, a complete gentleman, repeatedly saves her and in the end she dumps him just because Edward wants her back!! Man…talk about brutal!! And whats this with Edward wanting to die because he thinks Bella is dead? He left her in the first place. I think Bella and Edward are a good match for each other because they are both nut cases!! Still, I did enjoy the movie 🙂