Ive driven just under 20,000 miles so far and have plenty more. Flying out to Nashville on Wednesday. 3 Day workshop on Thursday-Saturday, back to Vegas on Monday. I have a few more states to hit, but I may wait until Ive rested up a little and fly out. 🙂Word is that the entries to the photography contest have been FLOODING in. We don’t have a final count yet, but there are so many I am starting to worry how we will display them all. Just think, a month ago, we had not received a single entry! Im going to open up more award slots (I was originally worried we wouldn’t even have enough for 1st-3rd), but now it will be 1st-5th with Honorable Mentions if they deserve it. This also means I will be adding many, MANY more prizes.

I would really like to make this a learning opportunity and point out why the winners will win and what entrants can do to improve their images next year. It means so much to me that people are taking this seriously because for a while I was thinking “Maybe this is a bad idea….”. I would love to make it an every year contest if we have the continued interest.