Had a great trip home!

I feel horrible putting these regular entries in over Andrea and Matts wedding coverage, unfortunately I have to sooner or later. I will work extra hard to go through their photos this week and have them up for viewing as soon as possible. It was a very very good shoot. It was one of the few times I could look at the images I was taking and see I am getting better. Maybe that sounds odd, I know a lot of people look at my work and may not see the flaws I do. I ALWAYS want to be progressing forward and improving and pushing myself to get better and better, no matter where I am at now. This is what my father calls my two edged sword, I can never feel satisfied with myself, which is good and bad. Good because I keep pushing myself, bad because I can never feel content. I feel extremely driven in three aspects of photography:

1. Take care of my clients above and beyond what they are expecting
2. Push my artistic skills
3. Help and teach others in any way I can.

I am extremely critical of my own work, I usually critique them to pieces and only on rare occasions will I make big steps forward and think to myself, “you are getting better”. Its sort of like working out and because the progress is so slow in your eyes you dont notice it as much as others might, but then suddenly a day arrives where you notice it, and DANG it feels good. 🙂

Laura! I have tons of great pictures of Ashley, Clete and a few of Madison! You are gonna wanna see these!