Im back in the USA after a recent deployment to Ethiopia (more on that later) and was finally able to see Top Gun 2. I realize Im likely a little late and many of you have already seen it. That said, if you haven’t yet, this is something you are going to want to see on the biggest screen possible. It was AMAZING.

Someone asked me if I thought it was better than the original, and Im not sure that question can be answered fairly. Many, many aspects of the film were better, for example the use of actual jets instead of CGI, you really feel you are in the seat. The final part of the movie is 100% edge of your seat for what feels like 2 minutes (but its actually 35+). I have a hard time saying its better than the first, because the first was so Original and New and Fresh, Top Gun 2 took many of the elements that worked in the first and built upon them.

You will notice some aspects similar to the original as well as other movies, but make no mistake, I think we are looking at Best Picture of 2022.

I am most impressed with Tom Cruise’s decision of not release it during COVID. To sit on a completed film like this for 2+ years took incredible patience and foresight.