After a very long 29 hours of traveling, I am finally typing from my own place in Maui. Had a few very long layovers, but wow, it sure is nice to be back. Ready to crash! This will have to be short, but Im hoping to post a lot of cool pictures, stories and info soon.

I started going through a few more pictures off of my Canon 7D . Every single picture taken with my 7D on the trip to Japan was taken with Tamron 18-270, which is just getting better and better in my eyes. (Also used it for “Sunset on Rubble”). Fantastic all round lens.

When Tomio and I were scouting Oshima Island, we found ourselves waiting for a ferry ride back and had about 15 minutes to spare, so we decided to look around the docks a little. We saw that there were several HUGE boats that had been picked up and thrown inland, including the concrete pier they were attached to. Something I point out on my Advanced Photography Techniques DVDis that as a photographer, any time you are in an usual situation, there are some really great photo opportunities/textures/backdrops- so I started looking. I found this unique spot between the boat and the concrete pier. The seaweed was still fresh green. Added a dutch tilt and Michael Andrew Paintballer Pro touch up. I consider Tomio to be a true friend and think this is one of the best I took of anyone there: