Its been a while since I shared some of my personal reflections here, but I thought I would take some time because this is a lesson I am learning over and over. One of my key motivators is to be the best person I can be. I want to help as many people as I can. I want to live an excellent and wonderful, fulfilling life that has meaning. One day removed from finishing the T4i Crash Course and all I can think about is: What do I attack next? Lots of interesting projects to choose from, and I will be excited to tell you the one I am choosing shortly. Ive been waiting, planning and working for it my whole freaking life and it is finally about to happen.

This is mostly a personal, internal note, but I like sharing these ideas when I think they are helpful. If I can get you to think about it for just a few minutes, it will be worth your reading. I wanted to summarize it into a few takeaway points.

1. When an individual finds their current state tolerable, no matter how wonderful or miserable that state may actually be, there will be no change.

– This also explains why life can be “good” for someone, but they will never reach their full potential.

2. Pain is intolerable and therefore creates desire for change. The greater the pain, the greater the desire for change.

– If a person is a little warm, maybe sweating a little, this typically is “tolerable” and no actions are taken to resolve the discomfort.
– If a person’s hand is suddenly lit on fire, the desire for change is instant & reflexive.

There is another way to create a desire for change, and I am not even really sure how to explain it, but it is almost like a way of constantly finding a reason to be disgusted with yourself and/or current situation, even when it is going well:

3. An individual can create a desire for change by adjusting their personal standard of tolerance to their current situation.

No matter where you are in life, no matter what you have done and accomplished, you can always, ALWAYS be better, do better and have a more meaningful life.

I haven’t reached my biggest goals and dreams that I have set for myself, but I am working towards it methodically. I also know that if there is a day my wildest dreams and goals become true, I will find new dreams and goals to challenge myself and work toward.

I am a big believer of gratitude for what I do have, but something about complacency just really disgusts me.