There is a great little photography App out called “Tiny Planet” – it’s free. It essentially takes a picture (works best if it the horizon is centered in the middle of the image) and warps it around to look like a little floating planet. I have seen some really creative images done with it on Facebook.
It’s a one trick pony, but lots of fun. The full version allows you to save at 2000×2000 pixels and is only $.99.

Here is my beginning image:This is after the effect has been applied:I think the most creative uses of it involve adding other elements (people) to your new “planet” in Photoshop. Taking an image of a person with your iphone seems to really warp it out of whack.

Hope to play a little with this more this week.

Tiny Planet on the App Store!This is my brother Aaron and daughter Tiffany out at La Peruse after a snorkel swim.