While many of you may feel this doesn’t apply to you…trust me, I believe that most of the general public will slowly come to the realization that 3D printers are not only super cool & affordable, you would be crazy not to have one. With just a little creativity, you can turn it into a business of some kind.

Ive already been flooded with tons of questions about 3D Printing, the most common is Which Software is best for beginners?. I started out studying Blender, but I will be honest with you, it had a very steep learning curve and there were many things I couldn’t figure out how to do.

Reading other boards, I learned about a browser based program called Tinkercad and I kid you not, it took about 20 minutes to learn and it is extremely intuitive. I love that it includes measurements in mm or inches. While there are a few things I do not like about it, these set backs are very minor and I would say that most children should be able to use Tinkercad no problem. It almost eliminates the learning curve so you can get right into design.

Ill be showing you guys what I made over the weekend and is an extremely useful tool in any photographers tool bag. You can see the latest design of it in he second picture. If you are just getting into 3D Printing and Design, Tinkercad is an absolute must check out!

PS- It was not so easy to figure out how to create 3D text using fonts in Photoshop, but I think I have the workflow worked out. Ill share with you soon!