Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to announce Tiger Shark! CLICK HERE To Buy Tiger Shark! This project has been planned for about 2 years, and it’s design and programming over the last year. A HUGE thank you to Kimball & Cameron of Coinforge, Inc for the excellent job they have done.

The need for Tiger Shark arose for me each year when I would post images for the contest. I was deeply frustrated in that I could not find a true slideshow player that was ultra-compatable, as all Flash based slideshows wouldnt even show up for iOS users. I even tried an HTML5 solution…it didn’t work. I also didnt want it to be a video, but a true slideshow, complete with gallery. I also figured that if I was going to create something like this, that I wanted a powerful tool that could help photographers showcase their images in a way to help them make more money. Not just a show-n-tell slideshow, but an actual portal to increased revenue.

Michael The Maven’s Tiger Shark (TM) is a revolutionary new slideshow player which will give photographers the tools and power to share their images like never before:

1. Tiger Shark is different & unique from other slideshow players in that it is compatible with nearly all web browsers and mobile devices. By overcoming the incompatibility issues of Flash or HTML5, Tiger Shark’s shows can be viewed easily on mobile devices, including both Android and iOS (iPhone / iPad Devices).

2. Tiger Shark also features seamless integration with Smug Mug. A huge part of a photographer’s income is from prints, of all sizes and materials. Smug Mug account users will be able to import images from their Smug Mug folders, Tiger Shark Creates the Slideshow, as well as creates hyperlinks from each image to the corresponding Smug Mug link.

What this means is that slideshow viewers will be able to click on images displayed and be taken directly to the ordering page for that exact image.

Any pro photographer knows this means an extra stream of income for their images, without the extra burden of hyperlink or print sales workflow. (Smug Mug automates this process).

– Tiger Shark also includes a number of other great customization features such as slideshow size, logo, multiple transition types, navigation, social media share buttons (for the player) and select music.

– Tiger Shark Projects save as their own file extension .tgr, allowing you to re-open past projects.

– Tiger Shark is priced at a one time fee of $99, which includes most of the basic updates. It is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

– We will also have several training videos to help new users get started.

Note: You will need FTP access in order to host your slideshow player.

– We have many, many more great features coming so please stay tuned!What do I need to get started?
– You will need to have hosting space and an FTP program to actually publish your shows on the internet. We recommend Go Daddy Hosting or, but there are many, many wonderful hosting companies that will work.

You will also need an FTP Program. Michael likes Cyberduck FTP Program – IT’s FREE!

If you have questions or suggestions, please email us at: Tiger Shark Support Email