Caught “Thor” tonight- here are my thoughts…

Opening- Pretty Cool, it was looking to be a very, very solid movie.
Middle- I was bored out of my mind. Thank goodness for Angry Birds! The problem here was there was no real peril in Thor being banished to Earth.
End- Solid- But not as good as the opening.

I liked how the Movie explained who Thor is and what he is all about for the most part.
I didn’t like how Thor’s World (Asgard) transitioning back and forth with Earth didn’t mesh well- it was unsettling and felt like they were 2 different movies. If the shots from Earth were more along the lines of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, it would blended.

If you do not see it in theaters, it is a very solid rental. I thought it was worth seeing despite the lull halfway through…just prepare yourself mentally for this.